Kurdistan Students Organization
The Members of Secretariat Bureau of Kurdistan Students Organization.
1. Omer Abdulla Fatah (surname: Omer Gulpi) Secretary – Sulaimani
2. Muhammad Ahmed Ismail:(Secretariat Director - Planning and Following - Sulaimani.
3. Khuncha Muhammed Amen: Secretariat Director -Sulaimani.
4. Rostem Hama Zorab: Secretariat Director - Administration and Finance - Sulaimani.
5. Ihsan Yasin Muhammed: Secretariat Director - Relations - Sulimani.
6. Abas Muhammed Ali: Secretariat Director - Information - Halabjai Shahid.
7. Ahmed Jamal Muhammed: Secretariat Director - Office Responsible – Arbel.
8. Bestoon Hama Salih Darwesh: Centre Responsible - Duhok.
9. Shawbo Othman Bakir: Centre Responsible - Sulaimani.
10. Halat Kaka Bra Kaka Mand: Centre Responsible - Chamchamal.
11. Nawzad Am Khdir: Centre Responsible - Saladin University - Arbel.
12. Jaifar Omer Ahmed: Centre Responsible - Sulaimani University - Sulaimani.
13. Khasraw Abdulla Muhammed: Centre Responsible - Proprietary Schools - Sulaimani.
14. Rukhsar Ibrahim Ahmed: Centre Responsible - Arbel.
15. Ismail Rahim Mahmood: Centre Responsible - Sharazur - Halabjai Shahid.
16. Rebwar Hamad Khdir: Centre Responsible - Raniya.
17. Awara Maroof Hussein: Centre Responsible - Proprietary Schools - Sulaimani.
18. Siyamand Jabar Ibrahim: Centre Responsible - Soran.
19. Sabah Salih Muhammed: Centre Responsible - Tanjaro - Halabjai Taza.
20. Husen Muhammad: Centre Responsible - Garmiyan - Kalar.
First Article- Name:
In Kurdish: Rekhrawi Qutabiani Kurdistan In Arabic: Munadhama Talaba Kurdistan In English: Kurdistan Students Organization
Second Article- Definition:
A public, occupational, student organization established in Kurdistan of Iraq.
-Nawai New:
Published by Arbel Centre with small size.
Third Article- Motto:
(Education, science, reform)
Fourth Article- emblem:
(It is a sign reflection of motto) prepared by an expert committee
Fifth Article- Aims:
1- Stressing on students' rights. 2- Developing scientific and cultural levels of students by special courses, workshops, and seminars. 3- Trying to demolish routine in educational establishments and helping them. 4- Guiding students to reach high academic levels. 5- Trying to confirm our nation's rights. 6- Trying to send students to abroad to get certification and participate in various courses. 7- Caring about occupational preparatory schools. 8- Participating in the process of student's election and developing democracy process. 9- Trying to get new rescued regions back to Kurdistan. 10- Demolishing these customs and habits which are obstacle in front of education process. 11- Developing relationship with all students' organizations. 12- Guiding students toward healthy direction.
Internal platform
First Part
-First Article - Conference
Is the highest power in usual time, held every three years, conference preparing committee indicates its members. The Authorities 1- Accepting the internal program and platform. 2- Indicating strategy and general lines of the organization tasks. 3- Electing the Secretary and members of secretariat. 4- Discussing and appreciates the reports of all the centers and secretariat parts. 5- Revising the past tasks of secretariat. 6- Accepting the decision by the most voices.
-Second Article – Secretariat
First: Definition Is the highest power of decision around the program and platform, supervises all parts of the organization. Second: Secretariat Composition 1- Secretary. 2- Secretariat directors' staff. 3- Centers responsible.
- Third Article : Authority and Duty
1- It holds usual meeting every two months. 2- Electing of secretariat directors' staff. 3- Accepting and refusing the work – letters. 4- Increasing and canceling the centers. 5- Following the strategy and conference commissions. 6- Indicating preparing committee for conference. 7- Suspending a secretariat member by (3/4) of voices. 8- Accepting or refusing resignation of a secretariat member by (2/3) of voices. 9- Meetings are accepted and ended by attending secretary and (2/3) of members. 10- Voting is done openly and by the most voices. 11- When the voices are equal, the idea which's with secretary is accepted. 12- On demanding of (half+1) of secretariat members, usual meeting is held. 13- By (2/3) of secretariat member's voices, usual conference is held.
- Fourth Article : Secretariat members' Conditions
1- His/her age mustn’t be less than 18. 2- His/her scientific level mustn’t be less than preparatory school. 3- He/she must have concrete and fixed personality. 4-He/she must be skillful in one of public works, occupational, management, education. 5- He/she should have done organization work three years at least.

Third Article: Secretary

First: Definition
First: Definition He/she is the first responsible of organization, supervises the works and activities of the organization.
Second: Right and Duty
1- Responsible of secretariat and secretariat directors' staff. 2- Supervising the meetings and undertaking of secretariat decisions. 3- Representing and speaking in the name of organization with the regard of organization interest. 4- Signature of official letters and written. 5- Following the decisions of all levels. 6- Participating in meeting and charging the centers and parts. 7- Taking suggestions and requesting of secretariat members. 8- He/she has right to hold unusual meeting of secretariat. 9- Indicating a secretariat director, when he/she can not attend. 10- Indicating high deputation of organization for relations.

Fourth Article: Secretariat Directors' Staff

First: Definition
The highest undertaking power for organization organs, references for changing decisions of congress and secretary.
Second: Composition
1- Responsible of secretariat office.
2- Responsible of administration and finance.
3- Responsible of relations.
4- Responsible of information.
5- Responsible of planning and following.
Third: Right and Duty
1- Is the highest power of undertaking.
2- Holding usual meeting every ten days.
3- Supervising and guiding all organs according to secretariat decisions.
4- Constituting committee to undertake the works and solving the problems.
5- Appreciating the works of organs.
6- Meeting with the responsible of organs as it needs.
7-Developing the relations with other organizations.
8- Warning or stopping the work of any member when disobeys the internal platform.
9- Accepting or refusing resignation of the members.
10- Deciding unusual meeting of secretariat.
11- Taking attitude towards nowadays accidents and subjects.
12- Preparing the program of meeting works of secretariat.
13- Revising the composition as it needs.
14- Indicating representatives to abroad.
15- Accepting the compositions of centers.

Fifth Article: Secretariat office

First: Definition
Supervising the activities and relations of organization in its indicated limit, a member of director is it's responsible.
Second: Composition
1- Responsible.
2- Responsible of centers.
3- Responsible of relations.
4- Responsible of administration and finance.
Third: Right and Duty
1- Holding usual meeting every 20 days.
2-Guiding and supervising its centers and parts of its border.
3-Preparing monthly course report to secretariat.
4-Devoting news and publishing of organization to secretariat in its border.
5-Representing secretariat in special and general meetings in its border.
6-Revising and following composition of centers and its parts in its border after accepting by secretariat directors' staff.

Sixth Article: Administration and Finance Dept.

First: Definition
Fulfilling the works of administration and finance of organization, a member of secretariat director is its responsible, part member is placed if it is necessary.
Second: Duties
1- Registering decisions and commissions of secretariat and transmits them to the centers and other parts of secretariat.
2- Making special dossier.
3- Responsible of headquarter arrangement and organization necessities.
4- Devoting dormitory for the students according to its ability. 5- Writing course report.
6- Supervising finance part directly.
7- Holding usual meeting with finances responsible, centers and parts every three months.
8- Publishing important finance guidance.

Seventh Article - Relations Dept.

First: Definition
Responsible of making internal and external relations of organization, it is supervised by a member of secretariat director; member is placed to its part if it is necessary.
Second: Composition
1- Responsible.
2- Relations responsible – secretariat office.
3- Centers relations responsible.
Third: Duties
1- Following general policy of organization when fulfilling relations works of organization.
2- Holding meeting in need time.
3- Rising course report for secretariat office.
4- Meeting with relations responsible every three months.
Fourth: Conditions
1- He/she must speak frequently and must be skilful.
2- He/she must have ability of facing in speaking and discussing time.
3- He/she must know more than one language.

Eighth Article- Information Dept.

First: Definition
An establishment that fulfills the works of organization, a member of secretariat director is its responsible.
Second: Composition
1- Responsible.
2- Centers information responsible.
3- Journalism responsible.
Third: Duties
1- Meeting with the departments every month.
2- Setting plan of media and following it.
3- Developing the activity of media and journalism.
4- Regarding general policy of organization in media activities.
5- He/she is official speaker of organization.
6- Opening special dossier in media.
7- Meeting with the responsible of centers information every three months.

Ninth Article- Following and Planning Dept.

First: Definition
Is the establishment of planning and following them in the activities, a member of secretariat director is its responsible.
Second: Composition
1- Responsible.
2- Planning committee.
3- Following committee.
Third: Duties
1- Preparing the plan of organization works.
2- Responsible of expert committee of planning.
3- Following the organs of organization.
4- Setting suitable mechanism for the strategy and general lines.
5- Appreciating the project of organs and raising it to the secretariat.
6- Revising centers compositions.
7- Setting special committee after the acceptance of secretary.
8- Giving suitable project to secretariat.
9- Accepting of organization yearly budget.

Second Part
Organization Statue
Tenth Article - Center

First: Definition

Is an establishment for fulfilling organization activities in its border, a member of secretariat is its responsible, established according to geographical place and work necessity, the number of the members mustn't be less than 100.
Second: Composition

1- Responsible.
2- Administration and finance responsible.
3- Relations responsible.
4- Information responsible.
5- Courses responsible.
6- Branches responsible.
Third: Duties

1- Holding usual meeting every 20 days.
2- He/she is the first responsible in his/her authority limit.
3- Fulfilling secretariat decisions.
4- Setting suitable program for center border.
5- Rising course report for secretariat.
6- Opening courses and general and special seminars.
7- Making relationship with all student organizations in its border.

Eleventh Article- Branch

First: Definition

An establishment for f1lfilling of centers decisions in its border, a member of center is responsible for it; its members mustn't be less than 25.
Second: Composition

1- Responsible.
2- Base responsible.
3- Part responsible.

Twelfth Article- Base

First: Definition

An establishment for fulfilling branch activities in its authority limit.
Third part

Thirteenth Article- Membership Condition

1- Should have finished 15 years.
2- Must regard internal platform and program.
3- They are given membership degree after his/her accept.
Fourteenth Article: Member Tasks

1- Participating in organization activities. 2- Trying to develop organization. 3- Fulfilling decisions of responsible.
Fifteenth Article: Member Rights

1- Having right to vote and elect.
2- Having right to criticize and suggest and to have explanation.
3- Having right to decide about an important subject according to its organization level.
4- Helping when needs.
5-Having resignation right, when he/she demands by writing after showing satisfaction. 6- Caring about scientific and consciousness levels.
Sixteenth Article/ Rewarding

First: Reward levels

1- Thanking letter by writing.
2- Rewarding and presenting.
3- Increasing level.
Second: Reward Levels

All the low levels are rewarded by their responsible.

Seventeenth Article; Punishment
Punishment levels
1- Oral warning.
2- Warning by writing.
3- Finance punishment.
4- Work stopping.
5- Decreasing level.
6- Abandoning after accept of secretariat directors' staff for center member level.

Eighteenth Article; Finance
1- Subscription of the members.
2- Any aid should be devoted by government.

Nineteenth Article; Organization Dispelling
1- Working without centralizing by consulting.
2- Exercising in working.
3- Following internal guidance and program.
4- Protection of lines from entering the strange ideas, which are not fit with strategy and general lines of organization works.
5- The meetings are held formality by attending (half+1).
6- The decisions, in all levels, when are equal, the idea which is with the responsible is accepted.
7- Giving permissions to the members is accepted by their responsible.
8- Revealing written and attitude of centers is accepted secretariat directors' staff.
9- Voting is done openly and by the most voices.

Accepted by Third Conference
Kurdistan Students Organization
27- 28/7/2006
Kurdistan / Sulaimani

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